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Personalized Fake and Joke Newspapers and Personalized Newspapers and Personalized Headlines for Gags and Gifts, Birthdays, Movies and Plays, Advertising, Publicity Stunts, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Stag Parties, Corporate Recognition, Awards, Thank You's, Revenge, Make a Point, Birth and Death Announcements, Wedding and Marriage Announcements, Practical Jokes, Cerebral Terrorism, Personalized Birthday Gags, Gifts. Fake Newspapers available in Small (pocket clipping) size, Full single page, Whole newspaper, Giant Poster, and Tabloid (by special request)



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A Few Abbreviations....

CFU -----(Bacteria) Colony Forming Unit
BDK -----(Java) Beans Development Kit
SVV -----(Latin
FUD -----"(spreading) Fear, Uncertainty and Disinformation"
BOB -----(Taco Bueno's) Big Ole Burrito
IIE -----"(the) Institution (of) Incorporated Engineers [in electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering] "
OTY -----[the whatever] Of the Year
YXB -----10-Year Commonwealth Treasury Bond
DDQ -----"2,3-Dichloro-5,6-Dicyano-1,4-benzoQuinone [oxidizing agent in organic chemistry]"
TCP -----"2,4,6-Trichlorophenol (disinfectant) "
TDE -----2-dichlorethane (organochlorine insecticide)
MDA -----"3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (synthetic hallucinogenic drug)"
QNX -----3-quinuclidinyl-xanthene-9-carboxylate hemioxylate
ABQ -----A Better Quality
PLU -----a code for supermarkets (meaning unknown)
SCB -----a sticker found on a small banana
BNC -----a type of video
AUC -----"ab urbe condita, or anno urbis conditae (Latin: in the year, indicates number of years since founding of Rome) "
YXX -----"Abbotsford, British Columbia"
QUE -----abbrev. for Quebec
ATH -----Abbreviated Trouble History
ABB -----abbreviation
HRV -----abbreviation for Croatia
ANM -----Abbreviation with No Meaning
AAI -----"Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms"
ABD -----abdicated
AXR -----Abdominal X-Ray
AUJ -----Aberdeen University Journal
AZV -----Abfallzweckverband
AYN -----Aboriginal Youth Network
ABT -----About
ABV -----above
AAB -----Above And Beyond
ALQ -----Abraham Lincoln Quarterly
AJM -----Abrasive Jet Machining
AWJ -----Abrasive Water Jet
ABR -----abridged
AJV -----Abrupt Junction Varactor
AWL -----Absent With Leave
ABF -----Absolute Bloody Final (drink)
AOF -----Absolute Open Flow
AQU -----Absolute Quality University
AWT -----Abstract Window Toolkit (java)
AYV -----Abutilon Yellow Virus
AIS -----Academic Instruction School
AYG -----Academic Year Grant
AZG -----Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen
AGK -----Academy of Goju Karate
AIB -----Academy of International Business
AJK -----Academy of Japanese Karate
ACC -----Accelerate
AGP -----Accelerated Graphics Port
ARI -----Accelerated Research Initiative
APG -----Accelerating Population Growth
AQL -----Acceptable Quality Level
AUP -----Acceptable Use Policy
ABU -----Acceptance for Beneficial Use
AII -----Acceptance Inspection Instruction
ATR -----Acceptance Test Report
AHC -----Accepting Houses Committee
AXS -----access
ACL -----Access Control List
ARL -----Access Rights List
ASG -----Access Service Group
ASR -----Access Service Request
AUI -----Access Unit Interface
AIU -----Accident Investigation Unit
ADB -----Accidental Death Benefit
APV -----Accounts Payable Voucher
AIM -----Accuracy In Media
AQJ -----Ace-Queen-Jack
AQX -----Ace-Queen-Unknown
ABE -----Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (solvent)
AXM -----Acetoxycyclohexamide
ACH -----Acetylcholine
ACD -----acid citrate dextrose
ACK -----acknowledged
CUU -----ACM Conference on Universal Usability
ANS -----Acorn NetStation
AUN -----Acorn Universal Networking
ACQ -----acquisition
AQP -----Acquisition Quality Plan
ALR -----Action Leakage Rate
ASH -----Action on Smoking and Health
ACX -----Active Control eXperts
AGN -----Active Galactic Nucleus
AUO -----Active User Object
ADO -----ActiveX Data Objects
AIJ -----Activities Implimented Jointly
AIO -----"Activities, Interests and Opinions"
ABH -----Actual Bodily Harm
AGW -----Actual Gross Weight
AGZ -----Actual Ground Zone
ANP -----Actual Navigation Performance
AML -----Acute Myeloid Leukemia
AMI -----Acute Myocardial Infarction
APU -----Acute Psychiatric Unit
ARF -----Acute Respiratory Failure
AUL -----Acute Undifferentiated Leukemia
AHM -----Acutely Hazardous Materials
AHG -----Ad Hoc Group
ADL -----Ada design language
QVJ -----Adams (Massachusetts) Library
ALN -----Adaptive Learning Network
ACS -----Additional Curates Society
ADR -----Additional Dialogue Recording (film jargon)
ADY -----Additional Duty
AXC -----Additional eXtended Coverage
AEC -----Additional Extended Coverage
AVC -----Additional Voluntary Contributions
AKR -----Address Key Register
AMP -----Adenosine MonoPhosphate
AYP -----Adequate Yearly Progress
ABO -----Adiabatic Born-Oppenheimer
AMF -----Adios My Friend
ADJ -----Adjutant
ADM -----administration
AAJ -----Administrative Appeals Judge
ACO -----Administrative Contract Office
ARE -----Admiralty Research Establishment
ARJ -----Admission Reject
AOX -----Adsorbable Organohalogens
ADV -----advance
AAH -----Advanced Attack Helicopter
AEG -----Advanced Engineering from Germany
AXX -----Advanced Exchange Experiment
AXV -----Advanced Experimental Vehicle
AXL -----Advanced eXtended markup Language
AFW -----Advanced FireWire
AGR -----Advanced Gas-cooled (nuclear) Reactor
AGC -----Advanced Graduate Certificate
AIN -----Advanced Intelligent Network
AIX -----Advanced Interactive eXecutive
AJT -----Advanced Job Training
AJP -----Advanced Joint Planning
APT -----Advanced Passenger Train
AQF -----Advanced Quick Fix
ARS -----Advanced Righting System
ASS -----Advanced Sensor System
ASX -----Advanced Systems eXcellence
ATB -----Advanced Technology Bomber
ATX -----Advanced Technology Extended [Format]
AVS -----Advanced Visual Systems
AWM -----Advanced Warehouse Management
AXF -----Advanced X-Ray Facility
VAN -----adVANtage (tennis)
AEL -----Adverse Effect Level
ACY -----Advocates for Children and Youth
AEQ -----aequalis (Latin: equal)
AOT -----Aerosol Open Test
AET -----"aetatis (Latin: at the end of, aged) "
AFF -----affiliated
AFG -----Afghanistan
AFR -----Africa
ANC -----African National Congress
AVU -----African Virtual University
ACP -----"African, Carribean and Pacific (countries) "
AWB -----Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging (right-wing political party in South Africa)
ZAF -----Afrique du Sud (code ISO de pays)
AFT -----after
ADS -----After Dinner Speaking
AHR -----After Heat Removal
ARO -----After Receipt of Order
AXY -----Aftercastle Yearbook
AOE -----Age Of lEgends
AFP -----Agence France-Presse
ARH -----Agence rgionale de l'hospitalisation
AGY -----agency
AQW -----Agenda Quik-Writing
AGT -----agent
AXT -----AGETOR XML Transformation
AXJ -----Agility Excellent Jumper
AWF -----Aging Waste Facility
AGD -----Agreed
AGE -----Agricultural Engineer
ALT -----Agricultural Lands Tribunal
ARC -----Agricultural Research Council
AUA -----Agricultural Unit of Account
AKE -----Agrotikon Komma Ellados
AHD -----Ahead
AAL -----Aid Association for Lutherans
ANB -----Aids to Navigation Boat
AAK -----"Aim, Attack, Kill"
ACM -----Air Chief-Marshall
ADC -----Air Defence Command
AEM -----Air Efficiency Medal
AFB -----Air Force Base
AFH -----Air Force Handbook
AFM -----Air Force Medal
AHU -----Air Handling Unit
AJX -----Air Japan
AKL -----Air Kilroe
ALO -----Air Liaison Officer
ANG -----Air National Guard
AOA -----Air Officer in charge of Administration
APZ -----Air Patrol Zone
AQA -----Air Quality Assessment
AQC -----Air Quality Control
AQD -----Air Quality Digest
AQG -----Air Quality Guidelines
AQI -----Air Quality Index
AQM -----Air Quality Monitoring
AQS -----Air Quality Standard
AQV -----Air Quality Valuation
ASO -----Air Staff Officer
AAM -----Air to Air Missile
ATC -----Air Traffic Control
ATA -----Air Transport Auxillary
AVH -----Air Vehicle Handler
AWS -----Air Warfare Course
AWI -----Air Water Interface
ABN -----AirBorN
AEW -----Airborne Early Warning
CVW -----Aircraft Carrier Air Wing
AHV -----Aircraft Handling Vehicle
AIK -----Aircraft Installation Kits
AOG -----Aircraft on Ground
ACW -----AirCraftWoman
ACV -----Air-Cushion Vehicle
ALW -----Air-Launched Weapon
AQE -----Airman Qualifying Examination
AOV -----Air-Operated Valve
ATZ -----Airport Traffic Zone
ARP -----Air-Raid Precautions
ASI -----AirSpeed Indicator
AUM -----Air-to-Underwater Missile
AWY -----Airway
ASK -----Akademische Software Kooperation
AGA -----Aktiebolaget Gasackumulator (cooker)
AHK -----Aktiv Hinten Kinematik
ABZ -----"Al, Bill, and Zorn Manufacturing, Inc. "
ALA -----Alabama
AMW -----ALARA Management Worksheet
AEH -----Alarm Event Handler
AKJ -----"Alaska, Juneau"
AKI -----Alaskan Independent Party
AYX -----Alaskan Yukon Explorer
AKY -----Albanian Kosovar Youth
YZA -----Albany Law School Library
AJS -----Albert John Stevens (British motor cycle manufacturer)
AEN -----Alberta Environmental Network
AWP -----Alberta Wheat Pool
ALB -----albumin
ABW -----alcohol by weight (abw)
ATF -----"Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms"
ALD -----Alderman
AXH -----Alexanders Holdings
AYS -----Alexandia (VA) Youth Soccer
ALG -----algebra
AKU -----Algemene Kunstzijde Unie
AVV -----Algemene Vrijinning Vakverbond
ALK -----alkali
AEZ -----Alkaline Earth Zeolite
AKD -----Alkyl Ketene Dimer
AAW -----All Around the World
AAO -----All At Once
ACN -----All Concerned Notified
AFN -----All For Nothing
AIQ -----All Is Quiet
AJW -----All Japan Womens wrestling
ANA -----All Nippon Airways
AOK -----All OK (alright)
AOS -----All Over the Shop
AOW -----All Over the World
APB -----All Points Bulletin (US)
AVT -----All Volatile Treatment
AYB -----All Your Base
AYW -----All Your Work
AKH -----Allegemeines Krankenhaus
QQH -----Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) Planning and Development Library
AEK -----All-Electric Kitchen [ie no gas]
AFJ -----Alliance For Justice
ABY -----Alliance of Baptist Youth
ACE -----"Allied Command, Europe "
AXP -----Allied eXercise Publication
AHQ -----Allied HeadQuarters
AIW -----Allied Industrial Workers
AMG -----Allied Military Government
AIR -----All-India Radio
ATV -----All-Terrian Vehicle
AUR -----All-Up Round
AVF -----All-Volunteer Force
AWX -----All-Weather Aircraft
AUW -----Aloha United Way
AXO -----Alpha Chi Omega
AKX -----Alpha Kappa Chi
AKK -----Alpha Kappa Kappa
AZO -----Alpha Zeta Omega
AAT -----Alpha-1-Anti-Trypsin (treatment for cystic fibrosis)
ANW -----Alpha-Numeric Warning
QOU -----al-Quds Open University
AKA -----Also Known As
AFU -----alt.folklore.urban [Usenet newsgroup]
ASB -----Alternative Service Book (church of england)
AZD -----Alternativer Zustelldienst
AHZ -----Altherrenzirkel
AZS -----Alumina-Zirconia-Silica
AKS -----Aluminum-Potassium-Silicon
AAY -----Always All Yours
ALZ -----Alzheimer's disease
AEU -----Amalgamated Engineering Union
AWA -----Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd.
AAU -----Amateur Athletic Union (america)
APA -----Amateur Press Association
AXG -----Amax Gold
AZJ -----Amazonenjagd
AWQ -----Ambient Water Quality
AOZ -----Ambulantes Operations Zentrum
AMD -----amend
AOL -----America OnLine
ARV -----American (standard) Revised Edition
AAA -----American Academy of Advertising
SWV -----American all-female soul performers
ABA -----American Basketball Association
ABL -----American Basketball League
ABS -----American Broadcasting System
ACJ -----American Communication Journal
ACI -----American Concrete Institute
AEP -----American Electrical Power
AEV -----American Emergency Vehicles
AEF -----American Expeditionary Forces
AEI -----American Express International
AFL -----American Federation of Labor
AFS -----American Field Scholarship
AFI -----American Film Institute
AFC -----American Football Conference
AHI -----American Honey Institute
AJH -----American Jewish History
AJI -----American Jewish Institute
AJY -----American Jewish Youth
AJR -----American Journalism Review (Periodical)
AKF -----American Kidney Fund
ALL -----American Liberty League
AMZ -----American Maritime Zone
AMA -----American Medical Association
AMC -----American Motor Company
AMX -----American Motorcross(X)
AMS -----American Musicological Society
AMJ -----American Muslims for Jerusalem
ANQ -----American Notes and Queries
AJA -----American of Japanese Ancestry
AOU -----American Ornithologists' Union
AOJ -----American Orthoptic Journal
API -----American Petroleum Institute
QQG -----American Philatelic Research Library
APS -----American Psychological Society
TVT -----American record company
ASL -----American Sign Language
ASQ -----American Society for Quality
ASZ -----American Society of Zoologists
ASV -----American Standard Version
UPN -----american television network
AUY -----American Union of Youth
AUH -----American University Hospital
AUK -----American University in Kyrgyzstan
AVD -----American Vetinary Department
AWG -----American Wire Gauge
AWH -----American Women's Hospitals
AYR -----American Year in Review
AYH -----American Youth Hockey
AYY -----American Youth Yoga
AZL -----American Z Lines
AZA -----American Zinc Association
AZC -----American Zionist Council
AZM -----American Zionist Movement
AZY -----American Zionist Youth
AJJ -----Americans for Justice on the Job
ALX -----America's Learning Exchange
MXY -----AMEX Mexico Index
ADK -----Ammosov Delone and Krainov atomic tunnelling model
AWK -----"Amo, Weinberger, Kernighan (programming language)"
AMT -----amount
AMY -----Ampere Modulated Yielding
APK -----Amplitude Phase Keying
AEX -----Amsterdam (stock) EXchange
AAN -----An Amazing Night
AFE -----Analog Front End
AVB -----Analog Video Bandwidth
AAD -----Analogue Analogue Digital (recording technique)
ADD -----Analogue Digital Digital
AQT -----Analytical Query Time
ANE -----Anarchy 'N' Explosives
AOH -----Ancient Order of Hibernians
AOR -----And
AMM -----And Much More
AYA -----And Yet Again
ATK -----Andrew ToolKit
AUE -----Andrew User Environment
AYI -----Angle of Yaw Indicator
ASA -----Angle Side Angle
AZB -----Angular Z-Buffer (ray-tracing algorithm)
ANH -----"Anhang (German: appendix, of a book)"
AGU -----Anhydroglucose Units
AXU -----Animal Expo Unlimited
AFO -----Animal Feeding Operations
AHL -----Animal Health Laboratories
ANN -----annals
ZBX -----Annawan-Alba (Illinois) Township Library
ADZ -----Annual Day Zero
AGM -----Annual General Meeting
ALF -----Annual Licence Fee
APR -----Annual Percentage Rate
APY -----Annual Percentage Yield
AQQ -----Annual Qualifications Questionnaire
AYL -----Annual Yearly Loss
ANR -----another
AMQ -----Another Moronic Question
AFQ -----Answers Facts and Questions
ANT -----antenna
ATU -----Antenna Tuning Unit
APH -----AntePartum Haemorrhage
ALH -----Anterior Lobe Hormone
AKZ -----Antiarmor Kill Zone
ABM -----Anti-Ballistic Missle
ABX -----Antibiotics
ADH -----AntiDuretic Hormone
AHF -----AntiHaemophilic Factor
AIZ -----Anti-Imperialistische Zelle(n) (German)
AJD -----Anti-Jam Display
AJE -----Anti-Jam Equipment
AJF -----Anti-Jam Frequency
AXE -----Antique eXercise Equipment
ASW -----AntiSubmarine Work
ATT -----AntiTetanus Toxoid
AVX -----AntiVirus eXpert
ALY -----Antroposofisen Laaketieteen Yhdistyksen
AOP -----Any Old Place
AOB -----Any Other Business
AQK -----Any Quick Kiss
AOC -----Apellation d'Origine Controlee
AKP -----Apogee Kick Planning
APP -----apparatus
AQY -----Apparent Quantum Yield
ATJ -----Appendices To Journals
ATQ -----AppleTalk Transition Queue
AMK -----Applied Materials Korea (name of a company)
ARM -----Applied Research Methods
ART -----Applied Risc Technologies
AKT -----Apprentice Knowledge Test
ADF -----Approved Deposit Fund
ADI -----Approved Driving Instructor
AQR -----Approximate and Qualitative Reasoning group
APX -----approximately
ASU -----Arab Socialist Union
AUZ -----Arbeitskreis Umfassende Zahnheilkunde
AZK -----Arbeitsnehmer Zentrum Koenigswinter
ARB -----arbitrager
AVW -----Arbor Vitae Woodruff School
ATN -----arc tangent
WXK -----Archaeologie (library cataloguing)
ABP -----Archbishop
ANY -----Architecture New York
AZW -----Architektur Zentrum Wien
AZP -----Archiv fuer die Zivilistische Praxis
AGQ -----Archives Gaies du Quebec
AJU -----Archives Juives
AUB -----Are yoU Bored?
AYC -----Are You Crazy?
RUX -----Are You Experienced?
AYF -----Are You Finished
RUJ -----aRe yoU Joking?
AYK -----Are You Kidding?
RUK -----aRe yoU Kidding?
AAX -----Area of Absolute eXclusion
AAZ -----Areas And Zones
ARG -----arginine
RXZ -----Arginine-Alanine-Proline (proteins)
ANL -----Argonne National Laboratory
AYE -----Argue Your End
ALI -----Argyl Light Infantry
ALU -----Arithmetic and Logic Unit (computing)
ADE -----Arizona Department of Education
AZQ -----Arizona Quarterly
AZX -----Arizona Stock Exchange
AJG -----Arizone Jojoba Growers
ARK -----Arkansas
AHP -----Arkansas Highway Police
AHE -----Armament Handling Equipment
ASD -----Armament Supply Department
APO -----Armed Forces (or Army) Post Office
AMV -----Armored Maintenance Vehicle
AFV -----Armoured Fighting Vehicle
AIV -----Armoured Infantry Vehicle
APC -----Armoured Personnel Carrier
AAC -----Army Air Corps
AAF -----Army Air Force
ACF -----Army Cadet Force
AER -----Army Emergency Reserve
AHN -----Army Health Nurse
AKN -----Army Knowledge Network
AKO -----Army Knowledge On-line
ANV -----Army of Northern Virginia
AOD -----Army Ordnance Department
APD -----Army Pay Department
AQB -----Army Qualifications Battery
ASC -----Army Service Corps
AVR -----Army Volunteer Reserve
AWR -----Army War Reserve
AYT -----Army Youth Team
ARR -----arrangement
AOO -----Art lending Of Ottawa
AON -----Art Of Noise
ATD -----Art Teacher's Diploma
AID -----Artificial Insemination by Donor
AIH -----Artificial Insemination by Husband
AMN -----Artificial Mains Network
AOY ---